Basic Poker Strategy

So you know the rules of the game and the betting order but in order to outsmart your opponents your going to need a game plan and in this section we aim to give you the lowdown on some basic strategy to get you going.

Poker Lingo

Although poker is a game and not a culture, it has a language of its own that many people find confusing. So, to help prevent this problem before it even arises we will go over some basic words used frequently when at a poker table. Click here for more on poker lingo


There is nothing more glamorous and exciting than making a big bluff at the poker table. For the poker player, it doesn't get much better than raking in a nice size pot with the worst poker hand. The satisfaction comes in knowing that you have outplayed your opponent.

Starting Hands

This is rather straight-forward. Any player who has read at least one poker book knows that starting hand strategy is the building block to an overall profitable strategy. Yet very few players demonstrate the knowledge and/or patience to play good starting hands.Click here for more on poker hand rankings

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